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Originally Posted by FashionChef
Nice RIDE dude..!!!! Not much TRUNK space .. but I am sure I will hear your PUMP if I drive by ... haha .. will surely wave at you buddy!! haha ... and you got yours at Parkview? wow .. was there two weeks ago .. but then I've decided to launch mine from Town and Country ... will get mine in May -- 325i Sports and Premium Packages - Black Sapphire Metallic and Terra Interior ... still deciding on what accessories to get ... and yes ... How much DARKER % TINT can we get and NOT get a ticket from the cops??
haha yea not much trunk space but I dont use my trunk anyway.. yea thats what my parents said, "wow.. not much trunk space".. but its worth it, those subs hit hard.. Yes, I got mine at Parkview.. only reason I got it from there is because I know the Sales Manager and he gave me a pretty good deal.. He used to work at Town and Country, that's where my dad bought 2 of his BMW's from (even from the same guy as I did).. I took the back Parkview Licence Plate Cover off because it rattled like crazy with the subs.. I went with 35% ceramic tint all around.. I think legal is 35% front, 30% rear, forget what it is for the back.. but I;m pretty sure its up to the cop if he wants to hassle u about it.. I figured i'll go on the safe side.. May, you dont have much longer to wait, but it will feel like forever.. PM me and you can check it out in person if you'd like..
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