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FS: E30 stuff (H4 Hella bulbs, valve cover, damaged iS lips...)

I have the following for sale:

Continental Timing Belt Kit - SOLD
o Inlcudes belt and tensioner. Brand new, never taken out of the box.

H4 Osram Silverstar bulbs - SOLD
o The absolute best bulbs out there, imported from Europe. Used for only a few weeks, then went HID.

H4 Hella bulbs - $10
o Almost as good as the Osrams, a little more yellow. I used these for a while, hence the lower price. If one blows within a month, I'll give you your moeny back!

M20B25 valve cover - $30
o Came from the factory on my car. One corner had a slight crack which was professionally (read: not done by me) sealed. Great for painting once you smooth the sealed corner.

Broken OEM iS lip - $30
o Professionally sprayed Brilliantrot, this one lost a fight with a bicycle seat and post that was sitting in the middle of my street. Can be repaired with FG, all pieces are intact.

Broken Eurostyle iS lip - $10
o Unfinished in black gelcoat, this one was a victim of a poorly planned off-roading adventure. Well I did plan to go offroad, just didn't know the fresh snow hid quite a ditch. May be missing a small piece, but if you have a weekend and some FG you can make something of it.

I could take pics of this stuff, but it's cold and lonely outside. Just call me up and drop by, I don't want you to commit to buying unless you saw it all in person anyways. PM me for my homo.
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