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Okay, removing your door panel is quite easy.

1) pull off door lock pin (not really necessary, but can make putting the door skin on a little easier. The door pin pulls straight up and off, it does not screw on for the coupes.
2) Under the interior door handle hold you use when closing the door, there are two plastic covers. Pop them off with a flat head. Underneath are two screws. (hex)
3) pry off the mirror switch with a flat head, then unplug the connector from the back. (it is easier to disconnect it now, instead of when your door skin is off.
4) now gently pry all the way around the door (pull towards you). There are cliips all the way around, that will pop out.
5) Lift the door skin vertically slightly when removing to clear the door lock pin. There are also clips along the top that it has to slide off of.

Once it is removed, the speaker will still be connected. So you will have to reach back there and disconnect the connector.
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