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Just got back from RMP again. This time Rocco and Mark got to work on my front balljoints and bushings. My balljoints were about as loose as a young street... they were very loose. bushings needed to be replaced too. Showed up at RMP an hour late (as per usual,) at least this time i had an excuse of being rear ended. Rocco was nice about me coming an hour late and still got to work on the car right away. He even let me stick around and watch while he was working. All the work was done with the utmost care, and professionalism, something i've come to expect from RMP. As always with RMP, the best part of it is getting back on highway 50 to head home. wow. nuff said

This time, Rocco managed to fix the squeeking in my brakes. Im actually completly lost as to how that's even remotely possible, as I was watching what he was doing the whole time. Who knows, mabye its just the cold weather.

Rocco also put in a new serpentine belt and a AC belt, and when I started bitching about my H1 bulbs being way too dim in my foglights, he has some on hand which were installed. (they look much better)

I also made it back from RMP today at 4:30, in the middle of rush hour, in about 19 minutes. the way rocco tunes/fixes cars, i dont think that really surprises anyone

pricing was insanely low, just like all other work i've had done at RMP. Rocco's a great mechanic, just needs to sharpen up supply/demand skills, oh well, im not complaining

thanks again Rocco

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