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When is her next album coming out?
Nobody knows yet. It's possible that work on it may have already begun, or that she is taking more time off to raise her child. But right now, there isn't any solid information about this.

When are her next concerts scheduled for?
There are no concerts currently planned.

Is she ever going to release her albums or do any promotion in the US?
No. She has mentioned in interviews that she has no desire to do so.

How can I contact Alizée?
You can write a letter to her and/or request an autograph at the following address:

c/o Polydor - Universal Music
20/22, Rue des Fossés-Saint-Jacques
F - 75005 Paris

Her e-mail address is, although currently, the account is inoperable and if you try to send a message, you will receive a “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” message.

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What's up with her official website?
Currently, if you go to, you will only see a black screen with an e-mail address. It is likely that the site is being updated and will be re-launched (possibly with a new URL) around the time her next album is released.

Did she ever finish school? What about her driver’s license?
She dropped out of school due to lack of time but she continued her studies through correspondence courses. She plans one day to finish her studies and receive her baccalauréat, the French equivalent of a high school diploma. Likewise, she hasn’t gotten her driver’s license either due to lack of time.

Who is this Jérémy guy? And is Alizée really married to him?
Jérémy Chatelain is a singer who got his start on the French reality show competition, Star Academy 2. Alizée and Jérémy met on March 25, 2003, on the set of the show Eurobest and the two got married in Las Vegas on November 6, 2003. It is unknown whether the marriage was ever legalized in France.

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Is Alizée really a mother? What is the baby's name?
Yes, she gave birth to a baby girl on the night of April 28th/29th 2005 in a hospital in Paris. There has been no official statement on the baby's name, though many papers and magazines report it to be "Anny-Lee". Other spellings of the name include "Annily", "Annie-Lee", and "Hannah Lily".

Who is Olivier?
Olivier Kahn is Alizée’s manager. Back before it was publicly known who he was, the French tabloid magazine Voici rumored that the two were romantically involved. However, that proved to be false.

Where does Alizée live now?
She currently resides in Paris, although she frequently visits her home and family in Ajaccio.

Where can I download Alizée videos?
The Alizée DC++ Hub is one of best peer-to-peer networks to find Alizée videos. See the Hub FAQ for more information. You can also download her music videos at her official website.

I have an mp3 called “Fantasy Love”. Is this really one of Alizée’s songs?
No, it’s not. The song is performed by the group Luna Freestyle, which features a singer whose name is also Alizée.

Does the song Amélie m’a dit have anything to do with the movie Amélie?
Yes, the song is inspired by the movie, although it has no official connection. The film happens to be one of Alizée’s favorites. It is also possible that the song was also inspired by the French author Amélie Nothomb, who is one of Mylène’s friends.

If you've seen an Amélie m'a dit music video that features clips from the movie Amélie, it was made by a fan. The official music video contains clips from her concert.

It looks like she’s lip-syncing in every video I’ve seen. Doesn’t she ever sing live?
That’s just the way the majority of all televised musical performances in France (and most of Europe too) are done. All singers do this, not just Alizée, but there are a handful of TV performances where she sings live:

Moi… Lolita @ Top of the Pops Italy, Eurobest, Star Academy & a performance in Korea.

In addition, she sang 100% live for her 2003 concert tour as well as the Les Enfoirés concerts.

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What is Les Enfoirés?
Les Enfoirés is a group of French singers, actors, comedians and other celebrities that gets together every year to put on charity concerts, benefiting the organization Les Restaurants du Coeur (or Les Restos du Coeur for short), which helps feed the poor. Alizée participated in these concerts in 2001 and 2002.

I found an animated gif of Alizée dancing in a skimpy black outfit. What video is this from?
It’s most likely her performance of J’en ai marre ! at Pour Laurette. There are also gifs made from her J’en ai marre ! performance at Chanson Numéro 1. Both performances are quite similar.

What connection is there between Alizée and the female Night Elf's dance in the game World of Warcraft?
The Night Elf's dance was probably inspired by portions of the dance Alizée does in her television performances of J'en ai marre !, particularly the sequence performed during the song's bridge. If you're looking for a video of this, the choreography is the same in all J'en ai marre ! performances , so any will do (the official music video does not contain dance choreography). Also see the previous question.

What song is used in the fan-made compilation video by "Accu" (which can be seen here)?
L'Alizé. It was the second single from her first album Gourmandises.

Has Alizée ever appeared nude? What about this striptease video I've seen?
No! Except for a few photos taken when she was a toddler (which appeared in the concert program for her 2003/2004 tour), any nude pictures or videos you have seen of Alizée are fake. One video in particular erroneously labels an anonymous teenage girl walking topless on the beach as Alizée, but it is not her.

As for the striptease video, this is not Alizée either, but a French stripper/porn star who goes by the name of "Decibelle". Bearing a slight resemblance to Alizée, Decibelle took advantage of this by imitating her, using the "lolita" image and the song Moi... Lolita (with modified lyrics) in her striptease act. As is the case with the "topless beach" video, this striptease video is often erroneously labeled as being an Alizée video. But now you know it's not true.

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