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Originally Posted by MarkD
Police in Los Angeles's plush Malibu district were hunting for the driver of a one-million-dollar Ferrari after the sports car was reduced to scrap in a dramatic high-speed crash.

The driver of the high-performance Ferrari Enzo, which retails for between 600,000 dollars and one million dollars and has a top speed of more than 320 kilometers (200 miles) per hour, fled the scene after the early-morning accident.

The passenger of the car suffered a minor injury and was treated at the scene after the car struck a power pole on the legendary Pacific Coast Highway, said Los Angeles County Fire Department Inspector Ron Haralson.

"We have the passenger, who told us the driver did flee from the scene," Sheriff's Sergeant Philip Brooks told Fox 11 News, adding that the driver was apparently unharmed.

"And we ... followed some footprints up the side of the hill in an effort to locate the driver," he added.

Authorities believe the Ferrari "was traveling at least 100 mph (160 kph), and it will probably be a lot more than that once we conclude our investigation," Brooks said.

The impact sheared the red Italian sports car in half, and the entire front section separated from the rest of the shredded vehicle.

"For a million dollars, you get a very good passenger-safety system, and apparently, in this case, it did work," Brooks said.

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