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Great handle dude!!...

It should be under warranty but they claimed not - that O2 sensors are a consumable as is the gas cap....I'm still arguing that one with them, and have made them eat some other costs to date.

I have been using Erin Dodge/Chrysler in Mississauga.

They did the download to my ECU as well...about 1.5 yrs ago the first time it happened and as reg general maintenance.

Mine is actually is an '02 Ram 1500 SLT Sport with the 4.7l (small) V8. I didn't want to do the 5.9l at the time, as I'd heard horror stories re. mileage(especially) and performance in general, and couldn't wait the 6 months (due to race season) at the time until the new Hemi came out. I've been pleased with the 4.7l V8 overall as when unloaded, performance does not feel that different PLUS the thing actually gets better mileage than my '03 Pathfinder used to!!


Originally Posted by jeremy
funny you mention that.. i had the o2 sensor changed at like 3-5,000km (or somewhere around there, it was low mileage anyways).. when they did that they also said they "downloaded an upgrade for the comp" ..... i haven't had a problem since... knock on wood...which dealer do you use ? also, what year is your truck ? that stuff should be under warranty..

check out there is all sorts of info available there...i go by the user name "jerhemi" on there..

here is a link for tsb's for rams..
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