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Originally Posted by Rollie
So...somebody belly the hell up to the bar and take these off me already...or the whole exhaust as noted.

Jeremy, as far as your Dodge Ram - (I take it you have one too) ...Have you had much trouble w/ check engine lights and O2 snsors and/or ill fitting gas caps??? I spent 2x$80 in taking it in to the stealer - both times to be told it was a gas cap, only after they said it was one of the three O2 sensors...Now it's just come on again in the last cpl weeks.

Strangest thing though - both the last few times it's happened (including this time) - I'll swear I've been getting better gas mileage with the frickin' thing!!

This is getting to be big BS...
funny you mention that.. i had the o2 sensor changed at like 3-5,000km (or somewhere around there, it was low mileage anyways).. when they did that they also said they "downloaded an upgrade for the comp" ..... i haven't had a problem since... knock on wood...which dealer do you use ? also, what year is your truck ? that stuff should be under warranty..

check out there is all sorts of info available there...i go by the user name "jerhemi" on there..

here is a link for tsb's for rams..
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