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HELLLLPPPP!!! $10k in repairs

my 88 735iL finally just let me down.
I had just ordered my new wheels, crossdrilled rotors and ceramic brake pads.
  1. My Tranny started kicking into 3rd gear and displaying "Trans Program - See owners manual" on the dash when it was cold
  2. My rear end lifted up as i was riding home and started riding like a box truck; display "Self leveling suspension"
I took the car to BMW to get checked out and they said torque converter, speed sensor, trans mode switch etc etc. to replace will cost $4700.
the self-leveling rear - struts $1200 hydro pump (maybe) $500 lines, etc another $3000 in parts plus labor

Any suggestions?! Can I bypass the self leveling and repl w/ regular susp?
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