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Originally Posted by proprone
but honestly, that's just an opinion thing. I like wearing clean blue jeans and a polo shirt, just how i dress. Im not going to rant on people who dress differently, but i wouldn't feel comfortable wearing anything torn/worn/ripped.

Ur right, I guess I worded it a bit wrong, but I have nothing against poeple who wear this stuff, I just think don't like it. I was ranting aginst the clothes, not against the people wearing them (if that makes sense).

IE. It's like if I hate the styling of the 2005 7 series and think it looks awful I'm not gonna hate on people who drive them, it's just taste..

Rolled out: If you have the cash then sure 550 on jeans is fine. But I wouldn't buy jeans JUST to be different. They'd have to look good while being different for me to buy them. Your jeans aren't my style, but they're not as bad as the A&F ones. They have rips but at least they're rips that are clearly there by design, unlike the A&F ones that seem to be ripped and stained randomly, to give the "worn by a homeless guy for 10 yrs" look ( which is the part I hate ). And those are clubbing jeans anyways (as I'm guessing by this shirt) which are kinda different topic altogether.
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