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Looks good to me, i have virtually the same one just mine isnt powder coated, and i dont have the heatshiled, that Heatshield isnt necessary at all the filter will be tucked down behind the bumper and from felling my filter after ive driven my car, it does not get any heat at all. It will however provide a nice clean look, but more work to inspect filter for cleanliness.

and in my opinion the powder coating is a bit of over kill as i also noticed my intake tube was barely even warm after a long drive. it does look very sweet on it though

Be that as it may, i payed about 80 dollars for my intake with a K&N filter and its the same tube minus the heatshield and coating..... Its deffinetly a good intake, but id just as soon rather spend less and get the same results.

amazing sound, car has a bit more pick up and throttle response. Its a very good investment by far. As for fitment, it can be a bit of a pain for one that goes behind the bumper, as it requires moving and relocating the horns, and squeezing the filter down in there. Its a small pain but no more then a half hours work install from start to end

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