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Originally Posted by BlitzSix
Uh okay I have another question.

As mentioned several times in this thread, i have 2 10s (infiniti) 250 watts RMS each.

And today I got a free amp from a friend. It's not that great though, it's a "Mobile Authority" amp, it says 600 watts on it. It's a 2 chanell. Model is 215ZXi.

Since it says 600 watts on it that means 600 watts max right? I couldn't find what RMS it has (tried google), but I'm guessing around 300 right? So that would be putting down 150 RMS to each sub.

Obviously this isn't using my subs to their full potential, but is it ok if I hook this up? Or will I be killing the subs slowly by running them like this?

this not a good amp for your use....
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