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well the guy at the dealership parts desk said BMW coolant is about $24.00 for a 4 litre jug. he also said any aluminum-compatible coolant would work, like the prestone stuff at Canadian Tire. BUT - the price difference isn't that much, and since your car has and always has had the BMW coolant, i would personally stick with it. just make sure not to use GM dex-cool!!!

and remember to mix it with distilled water. the mix is 50/50 - half water, half coolant. its easiest to mix it in a separate container before pouring it into the fluid reservoir under the hood.

for ATF, the Bentley manual designates Dexron III ATF (which is also what our cars use for power steering)

for Differential fluid:

open diff: BMW SAF-XO
limited slip: BMW SAF-XLS

My Ride: E36 318 Convertible - Black Ext. Peanutbutter Int.

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