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you missed rear differential fluid (a.k.a. final drive fluid)

inspection II covers:

inspect drive belt
lube throttle linkage
replace air filter
change oil and oil filter
replace spark plugs
check brake fluid level
check battery
check coolant level and inspect for leaks

change transmission fluid
check clutch plate for wear
check drive axle boots for leak
change differential fluid
replace fuel filter
check fuel tank and lines for leaks
inspect exhaust system
check steering gear and linkages. check power steering system for leaks. check level of fluid.
inspect brakes
check parking brake
inspect front & rear suspension
inspect wheels and tires

lube door hinges, hood latch, hood hinges
check all lights
replace cabin micro-filter
check seatbelts
check washer fluid system, and fluid level
tighten nuts & bolts for door locks & striker plates
check SRS airbag ground connection

reset service light

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