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Originally Posted by Suprano
hey Brad, I'll tell you what...........why don't you get ur lips off of this guy's ass?????
Used (they're not new) m-parallels for this price is high, whether you believe it or not. If I'm going to buy used, I'm not going to pay what they go for new. You ****in guy, I should have bought yours...........dammit.

Well I don't know about the rest of the people here, but I tend to read the description of the thread before I speak/comment. If you would like to use the little scroll button on your mouse and scroll to the top you will note these are NEW M Parallel wheels...........unless "brand new in the box" means used?? I dunno maybe I'm not reading it right?? lol. FYI for everyone I paid 1250 for mine new. Good luck with the sale
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