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Originally Posted by chromius_e30
you really want to know how I'm doing? Crappy! This is the first winter I have my car stored away, and I am going through withdrawl!!! I don't know how you guys do it. I need summer now! All I can think of is driving the e30, I drove an e46 for a couple of weeks, and it just wasn't the same, and wasn't nearly as fun as the e30.

So I'll be better when summer is back. But other than all that I'm good

How about you?
Yeah, E30 withdrawal is a bummer. April first is coming fast though. I traded in my old beater Integra and got a barely-used 2002 Protégé5 for daily driving, so it's a bit more fun (and less stressful ) this year. I was really pushing my luck with the Integra. The week before I traded it in, it had burnt 1 litre of oil. Yes, in a week. I felt bad for the people who were following me.

As for us, we're all okay now. As I said in Striker's thread in the E30 section, Bob Jr. ended up in the hospital on the morning of the 24th of December. We went to CHEO's emergency room at 7 AM and by 10:15 AM, he was on the operating table for an emergency appendectomy. There were complications (the appendix had ruptured a bit) and he ended up staying there until the 30th. So we had a "different" Christmas. But it's all good. He's okay now and that's all that matters. The services we got at CHEO were outstanding. Sleeping on those crappy hospital chairs wasn't, though. But they had Speed Channel, so we had good t.v. to pass the time.

Tony, 1 year old already?? Dayum! Enjoy these moments, man. He will grow up fast.

And Adam, what's the new job? If you can say, of course. And what mods are you planning for your car?
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