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Originally Posted by A~G
The sense of comedy on maxbimmer is goign down the shitter.

One member posting cats getting yelled at

another posting some Jesus getting hit by a car video

and the latest...... some 40 year old virgins who have enough time on their hands to act out lego deaths ...

MIGUEL WHERE ART THOU!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? we need some good humor!

p.s. no offense to the authors of the posts mentioned above... I guess we all have different types of humor. lol...

This is coming from the guy who laughs just by starring at a book, makes jokes about horses kicking people at random and thinking it's hilarious not knowing he's the only one that thinks it's funny, and a whole bunch of stupid shit, oh and lastly who thinks that his golden joke "what did the chiken say to the hippo" response "HELLO" is funny.

What happened to you, all of a sudden ur Mr. serious
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