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I have actually done two seasons with these guys, and it is definitely a cheap way to get the true racing experience. These are well organized events. And by no means are these carts like anything you've seen indoors. They are very light weight and have a top speed over 60 mph. But because this is racing, it is not without incident. While there, I saw one guy break his arm, another cart catch fire after a roll over, and an elder gentleman, did die from internal injuries after being hit and rolling over(although I wasn't there that evening). Not trying to scare anyone, but this is as close to serious carting without spending big $$. And the organizers will not tolerate goofing around. If you spin, your in...that's their rule, session over, money lost.

Having said all that, this will also teach you to be alot smoother with your driving, braking, steering inputs, and car control. The season opens for practise in March, which means you drive in all conditions. I would definitely recommend for anyone that is ready for wheel to wheel racing on the cheap.
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