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Originally Posted by rendered
Although, why would people want to use their own hard earned money to pay for their health care, when they have the luxury of the government paying?! How would it benefit anyone but allow the "rich" to maybe recieve better care.
Simple answer is quality. I wouldn't exactly call our healthcare system luxury, especially when you hear about people waiting for months, for much needed cancer treatment. Or people waiting in agony, for months even years, for knee surgury (as did a friend of mine). Where as if he had the choice, he would have paid for the surgery, which he could have received within weeks just to get out of the agony.

Just as a side note though. When you say the "luxury of the government paying", lets not forget who pays the government...John Q taxpayer.

Also, People who have the money to seak healthcare privatly, might do so, and basically "get out of the waiting line" for the public system....which essentially opens up more spots in the public system for those who can't afford it. This also reduces the number of patients a public system would have to accomodate, and in turn increases quality of service.

The current system we have, is like telling people they can't purchase nice car's because it's only a benifit for the rich.
well I'm sorry to say it, but there are a lot of things in this world that only benifit people with more money. That's the result of living in a capitalist society. One of the fundamental priciples of a capitalist society is, you work hard to acheive a better standard of living. It's the priciple of worker motivation.
However, As I've said above, the benifits would be visible to everyone. And average workers would still be able to use the private system should they wish, just like many people spend money on car insurance, people could choose to spend money on health insurance. But of course, this would be a choice, not mandatory.

The healthcare system in it's current form, is costing us as tax payers more and more with each passing year. Yet services, and quality of service declines with each passing year. This can't continue for obvious reasons. So one way or another, something has to be done. If we could make the public system work well and provide good service at a low sustainable cost, then I would be all for keeping it. But unfortunatly I don't see that happening. Considering many other countries have tried and failed.

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