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Originally Posted by chromius_e30
They are medical facilities, and therefore would fall under your "No privatization" view.

Regarless though, your post is irrelavant, because abortion will not be banned. And this isn't a discussion about abortion.

Edit: Actually, if you think that Abortion clinics are seperate from health care...where do you draw the line. MRI scans wouldn't fall into your definition of should they all be privatised? CT scans, same thing? Elective surgery? where does it stop? It's amazing how easily you can move the line and change your ideology.
You make a valid point.

Although, why would people want to use their own hard earned money to pay for their health care, when they have the luxury of the government paying?! How would it benefit anyone but allow the "rich" to maybe recieve better care.

Here's a thought.
Successful or not?:

Redistribute funding, more specialized medical facilities for every degree of health care but ran by the government and covered through our health care. Larger than clinics but not as large as say a hospital. Costs are less to maintain, less people to employ but more space for patients then a small clinic.

Agreed, this whole discussion about health care/abortion and so on is totally irrelevant and somewhat off topic from Micheal Moore's statement. Regardless, talking about Micheal Moore is irrelevant and discussing what the correct way for our society to go is the task at hand. Finding a happy medium in Canada. Thats where the liberals didn't do so well. I hope Harper can pick it up and do better.

This is a good debate. I'm enjoying it. The sad part is no matter what we all agree or disagree on, most of us induviduals can't change much to better this society.
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