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"what is wrong with tripiling our population? that way we would not have to let in so many immigrants to increase our population. there is such a labor shortage in western canada, i would rather fill those jobs with home grown canadians than foreigners."

Thats a rather bold statement if I might say so myself.
i am not trying to suggest that immigration is a bad thing. i just dont think it should be the primary means of increasing our population. i think it would be great if we could meet workforce demands with home grown talent. under the liberal government just about anybody would be let into the country regardless of whether they would contribute to society. i think it is a great idea to have people from around the world living together peacefully but at the same time those new people have to remember that they are in a new country and we do things differently here. look at the problems in europe. many people look down on the foreign workers as second rate humans. we would not have these problems if more canadians were born and could meat the increased demand for labor.
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