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Originally Posted by b_w.

what is wrong with tripiling our population? that way we would not have to let in so many immigrants to increase our population. there is such a labor shortage in western canada, i would rather fill those jobs with home grown canadians than foreigners.
i think a better argument for "tripling the population" would be the economies of scale factor. canada's productivity is suffering because our labour force is small in comparison to our demand for goods and services. if we fell into the same category as countries with economies of scale (i.e. population of 100 million or more) our productivity would obviously increase, thereby satisfying consumer demand. a higher population would lead to a higher work force which would offset the number of jobs currently being outsourced.

but anyway, even if abortion was banned, i doubt the population would triple. i figure that if abortion was indeed made illegal then people would be more careful not to have kids, simply because the consequences of gettin caught having an abortion would serve as a big enough deterrence
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