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Originally Posted by mpower1226
Its funny how the restaurent is called korean bbq when clearly its not even close. They just bring out the raw meat and grill infront of customer, this aint no freaking bbq. and the place you guys are refering to ones in richmondhill and one in downtown are owned by chinese guy and operated by chinese and cook by chinese in chinise style. THIS AINT NO ****ING KOREAN FOOD.

You wanna taste a real korean bbq? go down to christie/bloor korea town.

or on dufferein by yorkdale.

OR go to yong and steels, on steels, plaza where the swiss challete is. Infront of it, there is a korean BBQ.

oh yeah, korean food aint cheap, not like ALL YOU CAN EAT from chinese knockoffs. probably good bbq for 2 person will run you about 50 bucks.

anyway, WHAT you guys are refering to is knockoff chinese food. NOt korean bbq.

anyway, supershyguy, take that pic down, cause its bothering me when you didnt even get a chance to eat korean food.

I have been to all those Korean places before. all my friends are Korean so I know what Korean food is. I think you are missing my point.
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