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Originally Posted by chromius_e30 are so wrong, I don't even know where to start.

First, I will start by pointing out the contradiction in your statement. All abortion clinics are PRIVATE facilities, and you are seemingly against private healthcare, but for abortion....interesting.

Next, Harper has made it very clear, there will be no laws, or bills passed from his party regarding the outlawing of abortion. He has even stated there will not even be any private member bills on the issue.

Next is healthcare....where to start with that. First, I would urge you to do some research on the issue before making bold statements like that.
Parallel private healthcare with a universal public system, means that NO-ONE would be without care, and no one would have to buy private care if they don't want to. It's called freedom of choice! Canada is the LAST industrialized nation in the world that outlaws private care. Every other industrialized nation in the world that did have that type of system has now gone to a parallel private system. And many have better care and services than Canada in both the public and private system. And in fact Canada pays the second most for their system out of about 30 other OCED nations, Yet gets less services for the money it pays.

Canada's healthcare system is not sustainable in it's current form, and needs to be changed. Look at the rest of the world...The switch to parallel private care along with a universal system has done the other 30 or so OCED nations well, so why are you so resistant? With a paralell private system along with the universal system, you would still have every right to continue to use the public system....however now you and everyone else has the choice to do what you wish with your hard earned money. Yeah that sounds horrible
Excellent post.

Good to see someone posting their position and backing it up with some solid facts.
Some of you really need to start backing up your 'anti' PC statements with irrefutable facts instead of the mindless Liberal/NDP rhetoric.
When you don't, it really doesn't say anything positive about you.
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