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still wants a turbo...
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Originally Posted by craz azn
^^ Yes Matt, I believe John posted all the pics from this parade lap venture onto the track:

I believe thats it^^... ya it was good fun... I didnt really tell my dad I was gonna use the car on track but he knows I'm not a dumbass on how to drive so I guess he cut me some slack after I told him where I had just been, hahahaha... ya, the rims he recently put on, the BBS ones, makes the car look so much more classy.... its an awesome car I must admit....

BTW my dads got another M6... its a black 87 with MOMO rims, M Tech bodykit w/ euro bumpers, custom turbo... but its a work in progress ATM with a buddy of his.... so thats not gonna be around for another year or so... hehehe hes got too many projects on the go..
wow, great pics. thanks for the link. whaaaaat another M6.. custom turbo PICS OR BAN! i remember a few years ago Budds BMW had a black/black turbo M6 f/s.. by chance is this the same car?

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