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Originally Posted by aschon
thinair - for next to nothing i can be running high 13's.. how much have you spent on your car already.. and you're still trying to squeeze a 13.999 out of your mods.. said in one of your other posts...
I don't mod my car to focus on drag, if I did I'd have like 15x10" rear wheels with 275 width tires. I wouldn't give a shit about suspension or brakes, etc, etc.

I bought my car with solo racing in mind. I have spent less on my car then the difference it was for an M3 when I bought it (my car = 30g's, m3 = 42g's, 3.5 years ago). I still haven't invested $12gs of modding into my car, yet my car will outhandle a stock M3, keep up to a stock M3 in a straight line and brake on par with a stock M3, but I pay insurance in a 328.

I have no regrets yet.

I play at the strip for fun, mostly to test my launching, I've only been there 3 times, it's not like it's all I do. I'll take an auto-x or track day over the strip anytime. Plus to get to get the same drag times as me wouldn't take much, a 3.38LSD($700), intake manifold ($150+plus some hose clamps), M3 cams ($300), fan delete mod ($120), software (varies), 235 width tires (varies). That's not $3000. Most of my modding funds have gone into brakes and suspension, not power.
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