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Originally Posted by BennyL
i realize that - but some of the things this guy is saying is are just completely out of place. as you mentioned - why try to tell us we are wasting our time moddin up our bimmers, if this is a bimmer enthusiasts site? you could say that about any car!!!
you could say that about any car?? the point of modding is to see results.. so wouldn't you go and spend the least amoutn of money possible to see the most results.. that would make sense right?? I'm just trying ot understand why you guys go so hard in debt just to run 13's in 1/4 mile.. and i dont even think many of you are doing this after spending tons of dough on your cars.. anyway.. im not bashing BMW i'm just trying to understand where some of you are coming from..

thinair - for next to nothing i can be running high 13's.. how much have you spent on your car already.. and you're still trying to squeeze a 13.999 out of your mods.. said in one of your other posts...

I assume the c'mon arguement here is going to be "we love our bmw's..".. well, I love BMW's too.. doesnt mean they don't have their own position in the aftermarket scene... they are pimp luxury cars with a bit of sport to them.. you guys get it all confused and wonder why these cars have 20 repairs a month.
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