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Originally Posted by aschon
I know but unless you drive an M series bimmer.. why even bother making it fast?? BMW probably makes one of the nicest looking cars, exotics aside. I'd just slam the bitch on rims and you're done.. if you want to try and go fast do it in something made for it...

IE: the money Jazz probably spent on that z3 with s54.. if speed was what you're looking for.. why would you pick the least cost effective way and do it in a BMW.

how can you say that?

Im not trying to fight, but its like saying why mod any car? why do people take old beetles and mod them? (i say that because at the local drag races 2 guys brought suped up old school beetles and raced the **** out of them, great off the line but with a top speed of 70ish they almost always lost) Your never going to turn it into a super car unless you spend a TON! but that doesnt mean you shouldnt. It depends on the person and what they like. Take a bmw for instance, someone might roll up on a completely stock looking bmw, and little be known, the owner modded the heck out of it and bamn you get your nuts roasted.

Honestly i have done the same my self, i see a car and i say why mod it, id never do it thats such a waste. But to who ever does it, they love it and take pride in it and enjoy their work, yeah it might not be as fast as a porshce, but so what, that doesnt mean it cant be quick and improved to a whole new level.

it might take more to mod a bmw to see the results you do with your lesser mods, but shit id rather keep my e36 put down the money and make it not only look nice (slammed with nice rims as you said) but hold up to the look. I want some go with the show.

and as said b4, if all i was really after was just a car i could throw a few bolt ons to and have a street racer i wouldnt have a bmw.

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