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Originally Posted by spooner_dee
thats just silly. You are comparing apples and oranges here. Every car responds completely different to mods. I could do the same mods as you and see less gains, i could do the same mods to my old eclipse and maybe see more.

Anywho my car responded real well to the CAI (K&N) I noticed better reaction time/throttle response a few extra ponies and stronger harder pulls at higher speeds.

With my old eclipse i did a very similar cold air set up and got more or less the same results.

My car isn't fast, id call it quick, and with a few simple mods i could make it quicker. and after my new job, i have plans of super charging... then i will be able to call it fast.

your working with an acura a car that more or less is designed by honda to have good performance and be easily modded to gain more.

a bmw while it is geared with performance in mind. It is more then anything a luxry car, a sport luxury car, so yes it is harder to mod, but that doesnt mean you cant see good results for A BMW.

remember apples and oranges here.

I know but unless you drive an M series bimmer.. why even bother making it fast?? BMW probably makes one of the nicest looking cars, exotics aside. I'd just slam the bitch on rims and you're done.. if you want to try and go fast do it in something made for it...

IE: the money Jazz probably spent on that z3 with s54.. if speed was what you're looking for.. why would you pick the least cost effective way and do it in a BMW.
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