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Bell Just called me

I just recieved an interesting phone call from Bell:

Me: "Hello?"
Bell: "Hello, may I speak to Julian?"
Me: "Yes, this is Julian."
Bell: "Hi Julian, I'm so pleased to announce that you are eligible for Bell High Speed Internet!!"
Me: "Oh, I'm not interested"
Bell: "Do you currently have internet"
Me: "Yes."
Bell: "How much do you pay for internet?"
Me: "Uhm. Like $30?"
Bell: "Well Julian, you can now subscribe to bell high speed lite for only $25!"
Me: "Oh, I don't want lite internet"
Bell: "Oh, well, you can purchase regular high speed bell right now for only $35, and you get 6 months free!" (I think she said $35)
Me: "How many megabits is that?"
Bell: "Its 3 megabyts."
Me: "oh, I get 7 megabits from rogers."
Bell: "But you're on cable, you experience inconsistant download times, and Rogers is only 5 megabytes" (notice she says bytes, not bits)
Me: "Well no, rogers installed a new hub in my area, so I don't experience downtimes and yes, its now 7 megabits."
Bell: "well what about television? How much do you pay?"
Me: "Uhm, I dunno, its a package deal."
Bell: "Do you watch a lot of TV?"
Me: (I figured she was gonna try to sell me expressvu, so I just said: ) "Yeah, well, we have sattelite."
Bell: "Ohh.. well okay. Have a nice day Julian."
Me: "okay bye!!"


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