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e36 stock radio wires?

I went to put in a new deck today after mine wouldn't unlock for some reason, and I soldered the harness adapter in no problem. It's a 93 318is. I need the antenna adapter (store sold me the wrong one....) but there's another wire in the back of the stock unit (that's taped to the antenna cable) that I have no idea what it is. The antenna wire is the big 90* fitting (if I'm not wrong) but what's the other little silver tipped 90* fitting that goes into the stock radio?

The HU works fine as it is without radio (neither cables are plug in), but I want to know where the little one is supposed to go. I'll have the antenna adapter tomorrow, but I don't have any adapters for that wire. (Possibly a stereo ground?)

Sorry for being long-winded and confusing (just got off work) and thanks in advance for any help.
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