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Mystikal, the thing is though that,
1) I'm not really an audio guy
2) I simply can't afford spending that much money on this stuff. And the save up argument doesn't really help, I mean sure in the summer I COULD dump a grand into audio if I wanted to but I have student loans to pay off and I don't think it's wise dumping such huge amounts into a car at this point.

I don't mind if it doesn't sound like the greatest thing in the world, I just want something decent.

Anyways, I really need advice quickly here, someone is selling:

2 kenwood 4 channel amps( black )-these are wicked little amps with decent power...not to sure how many watts but im SURE there at least 350 watts each, the model is kac-742

2 10" kicker subs mounted in a ported box (wen I asked for the model the seller said: kicker ss2x10 subwoofer by: stillwater designs but this doesn't sound like a model to me??)

I don't have pics yet but will. Would you pay 200 for this ?
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