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Originally Posted by abc12
yeah, i had the exact same problems with my msn, trying to contact some ppl on there, really pissed me off when i kept getting errors, was about to freak out @ the computer,lol,, but i got a message about a newer version of msn, so i did that, and no problem since then.

so just try to make sure ur always up-to-date with msn to prevent these problems from happening again. worked for me though.
It's weird because this is happening after I updated to 7.facking5

Originally Posted by SebSter
I actually prefer silver, I would rather have a silver one I just got this one cause it was the best one available at the time. (And i guess im never gonna hear the end of that tint, lol. It was too dark, at night it was like driving blind)
I was going to say let's do a trade but after that picture...
Anyways, get it fixed! Do you happen to have any pics? I'd like to get the same bodykit maybe.
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