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One of the big problems within religion today is the sectarianism involved. Christians have Roman Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans,Pentecostal, Orthodox, Mennonites the list goes on and on. Islam has Sunniism, Shiaism, Suffism, Aga Khans, Marzais, Wahhabis,and the list goes on. Judaism has it's Orthodox, Reform,Reconstructionist, Conservative, Kaballa, Hassidic and it goes on. Hinduism has it's caste system. I could go on with other religions, but I'll use these as my basis.

Many people call themselves Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs but really don't practice their religion the way it was originally taught. I believe that from the very advent of sects in different religions, these religions basically were tarnished forever. Gone are the days where you could just call yourself a Muslim or a Jew or a Christian. Now you are either a Sunni Muslim, a Roman Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, you understand where I'm going. Orthodox Christians and the other sects can't even agree on a day they consider Jesus' birthday, December 25th or January 7th...???

I consider and have been taught that Christians and Jews are my brothers and sisters. We are people of the books, the Quran, the Torrah and the Bible. The main difference with a Christian and a Muslim is the belief by Muslims that Jesus was a Holy Prophet, to be respected among prophets such as Moses, Abraham and Adam, and that he was not the Son of God, and that his spirit was taken before he died, and that he will return alive on the Day of Judgement. The Quran has been saved and passed on generationally by scholars that have memorized the Book word for word, and that is why we know today that the original Quran still exists . Unfortunately, there is no true Bible any more, Muslims are taught to respect the teachings of the Bible, however, only in it's original context. Today we have the New International Version, the New King James Version, the New Century Version, the New American Standard Version, the Living Bible, and my ''favorite''..the Revised Standard Version...REVISED??@!! Revised by who???? Why so many versions?

As far as not being able to touch a dog, as one of the members mentioned, that is untrue. Muslims throughout the world keep dogs as pets. However, before you pray, you must be clean, and it is considered unclean to pray in clothes that have been touched by a dog due to the hairs etc. So all that one must do is wash and wear clothes that have not been touched by a dog.

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