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Originally Posted by shimajer
how was the result, Justin?
They changed the price on me. Wheels seem straight, still a tiny bit of steering wheel vibration at 140km/h... but they did clean up the rims and repsray them so they look new again... a nice unexpected bonus.

Originally Posted by DavidM5
Hey even brand new OEM rims will corrode if they are not washed often during the winter.

I am paranoid and wash my car and the rims almost everytime I drive it through salty roads and before parking it for the night.
It helps that I have a hand car wash 2 mins from my house.
But the rims on all my cars look brand new even after 4-5 years of winter driving.

Maintainence is the the key.
It's true that the salts can pit the alloy, and eat through the clear coats........ but after 1 year? That's uncalled for. Sounds like they didn't prep the rims properly.
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