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Originally Posted by jstalin
The problem with the liberal party, they are the demon that they portray the cons to be. The war in Iraq? Martin voted for it. Healthcare? It's in the current state due to Martin's cuts as finance minister, and has been privatized under Martin's watch. Gutting social programs? How do you think the liberals ended up with all those surpluses? Tax cuts? Martin gives one of the countries biggest tax cuts one year after demonizing harper about it during the 2004 campaign.

Besides gay marriage and scandals, what exactly have they done for us?
I'm voting liberal
Why? All that surplus he makes cutting health care from all the abusers wasting medicare by going in everytime they have a headake has been redirected into something more important. Emergency Response is where I work every day. Since Martin has been in office I'v personaly have gotten a 10K yearly raise, department is actualy funded now Millions more in the budget and going up yearly, remember the Sars discrace and West Nile embarresments. Liberals (Martin mainly) have since fixed this ie Tammy Flu were prepared for an all out outbreak, before their was nothing.
Now doing their best to not continualy get raped up the ass from the lumber dispute with the U.S. (priced wood latly?) Funny how a sheet of ply wood double the same week the Iraq war started.
Now as for Harper, reminds me just like Bush. Lost the first election but now comes back to change the rules with an unknow source of infinite $$$. Geuss it's a little different then how Bush did it, daddy pulling the strings for son. Most likly would also agree to bend over and let the U.S. continue raping us since the trade disagreement's constantly prosponed (waiting for the elections I'm sure), Harper will screw us just like Maroony did IMO.
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