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Originally Posted by *Luv_it*
so here it goes.....last week everytime i locked or unlocked my car doors i would here a clicking sound...and just yesterday as i was heading out i couldnt unlock my doors....the key turns but the locks wont there ne way i can get into my car without going crazy and breaking the window like through the back or something.....i have a '99 jetta gls....i think the lock cylinder dad says it could be the battery....but when i open my trunk the light still comes on....but he said its because it doesnt require as much power as opening the doors.....i dunno does ne one have ne suggestions and what it might cost to replace the lock cylinder if that ends up being the problem...thanks
I think you're right, part of the locking mechanism is broken. If the lock cylinder itself was broken it would turn in circles.. or the "lock" and "unlock" positions would be all messed up.

All Jetta's have a nice little courtesy feature I bet you didn't know about though. Turn the key twice to unlock and hold it there for a few seconds, the windows (and sunroof if you have) will roll down automatically. This is to ventilate your Jetta on a hot day.

If your battery is dead, then this will not work. You will need to get a positive and negative terminal onto your battery (where is it located?).. I remember a friend's Jetta had it located in the front driver's side wheel well. Then you can unlock your doors / wind down the windows.

Your last resort is to call a tow truck operator who has a slim jim, and ask him to shimmy your car open. Tell him you want a balloon used, to make sure he doesn't scratch the paint or bend the frame on the door.

Need more info, feel free to ask.

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