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Originally Posted by BennyL
wow, sounds cool. although I have no clue what the 8, 11, or 18 button OBC are.

since Justin always has the answers to my dumb questions: Justin, could you post a pic of each, so I can see which one I have. then perhaps explain the differences. thanks! hope i'm not too annoying with these questions...

@BMWFORLIFE: what kinda car do you have? is your also a 318 convertible?

7 Button: Ambient tempature, time/date, has a memo function as well. Uses a reverse Liquid Crystal Display for both displays. (backlit).


11 Button: The above, plus Check Control (light failures, washer fluid level, coolant level, etc.) Easier input for numbers, and a dot matrix display on the left, and the same LCD display for the date/time on the right. Both backlit.


18 Button: All of the above, plus it has calculator functions using data provided by the ECU and instrument cluster. It will calculate things such as: estimated time of arrival, range on remaining fuel, average speed, fuel consumption readings, speed limit warning, timer for opening/closing ventilation when the car is parked, and CODE for vehicle immobilization. Same displays at the 11 Button.

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