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Originally Posted by Miguel
Everyone has some things they are conservative about and some things they are liberal about.

Im going conservative although I disagree with their abortion stance.

I figure, Liberals are crooks and every other party will not be able to get anything done... Conservatives FTW.
Well Dont let the name of the parties fool you. For example in Australlia, John Howard’s Liberals have been in power for a long time now, and Australlian "Liberals" are actually a "right-wing" party; they are opposed by the Labor party which is left-wing. Just goes to show that a name doesn’t really mean much.
This can be very confusing to the non-politically savvy, because they’ll think that Conservative = non liberal (and I mean “liberal” in a true sense of a word), which is not necessarily true. These days "conservative" tend to have a somewhat negative ring to it, people tend to assoiciate it with "old-boys club" white rich christian men. This is the image Canadian Conservatives need to distance themselfs from, because in reality Canadian Conservative party is just about fiscal "conservatism" which is a good thing, as well as preserving Canada and Canadian values instead of squandering our values under the label of "political corectness", and allowing Canada and Canadian Laws to be bullied on its own terrirory which Liberals have have done so successfully. I guess to sum it up when we are talking about this election, "conservative" just means "responsible" and standing up for Canada as a country and not some dump that will allow anyone and anything. Needles to say, I voted CONS.

If you are unsure about where you stand politically, here is a very quick "political compass" test that will ask you a variety of questions and will tell you exactly where you stand politically. It will also tell you where you are in relation to some current and historic political figures such as Bush and Ghandi. Its a great way to decide without being biased by the party names "liberal" vs "conservative" vs "NDRP". So check it out:
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