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My roomate had 2 Dells in 2 years. Why? The first one kept overheating and he'd loose his work Ellen Feiss style. He was suckered into buying a second because his dad had some hookup...and guess what...same problem. So...I can't recommend a Dell to anyone. I also have another customer service nightmare story from one of my dad's friends who bought a bunch of Dells for his business. He swears never to buy from there again. So...

Anyways, I got a Sony Vaio FS635 Centrino from Costco. I originally was going to buy the Toshiba Satellite Pentium 4, but I saw a sign saying they they had ran out of Sony FS Pentium 4's and were selling the more expensive Centrino models for the same price. Centrino > P4 for laptops. And for about the same price, the Sony was a no brainer.

Hadn't had a problem with the Sony ever since I got it and highly recommend it. They also look the best too.
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