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Originally Posted by spooner_dee
for chicken, i buy grilled chicken from the store that has about 2 grams of fat in each piece (buy the chicken thats already grilled and cooked and just needs heating, keeps the prep time down to about a half hour for the entire meal).

i put them on a frying pan, heat them on medium high for about 10 min on each side.

at the same time, cook one cup of plain white rice for about 20 min

when chicken is heated through, remove, cut up into small chunks,

next take your favorite salsa. Salsa is very good for you, low in fat and low in calories. put the chicken back in the pan on medium heat. pour the entire jar of salsa over the chicken and heat for about 10-15 min or untill salsa and chicken are hot.

drain rice put it on the plate then pour some of the salsa chicken over top and endulge, low fat and filling and f'n good.

I also tend to take tortilla shells (soft shell taco shells) and put the mixture on that and eat it like a boritto. good shit.

i just recently started a diet so im all about cooking low fat meals to drop some fat and tone my self.
WTF u just made me drooL!?!?

i'm off to buy tortilla shells and salsa
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