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Originally Posted by oldskoole30
Has anyone ever seen or heard or done himself the following: fit e39 2pc BBS rims on an e30? Im thinking of doing that, but without changing the hubs( using hubcentric 4x100 to 5x120 adapters). what width would I need the adaptors to be I believe the rims are 17x8, also I believe they came in 16" but not sure. Also not sure yet of the offset
BTW. I have seen an e30 Red 318is with rims that im pretty sure were what im describing anyone know if that dude is on the foum?
Any ideas are appreciated
A few problems here. First, finding 4x100 to 5x120 adaptors; they aren't at all common. Second, the Style 5 rims are 17x8 ET20 (and 17x9 ET26 on later models). Even if you did a 5-lug swap (using E30 M3 parts), these would completely fill out the fenders, and you would have to run a relatively narrow tire to avoid rubbing. Now, think about using adaptors instead. They would have to be at least 20-25mm thick, and would push the wheels out by the same amount; no way in hell of fitting those.

I know of one non-M E30 running Style 5's, belongs to a guy on R3VLimited. 17x8 and 17x9, E30 M3 5-lug swap, 215 tires all around (extremely stretched on the rear, obviously). Lots and lots of M3s running around with them, though.

I once had BBS RS replicas, 17x7.5" ET27. Are you thinking of my car?

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