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Originally Posted by BlitzSix
Okay, I somewhat disagree...

It's fine if the price isn't bargain basement low, or whatever. But like I don't think this forum should be used for making a profit (MaxSponsors obviously excluded). Max is a community, and should be treated as such... I wouldn't like it if someone bought something I was selling only to flip for a profit on eBay, etc. Like there are exceptions obvoiulsy, if you somehow got a great deal or something then sure sell it for a little more here, but taking advantage of the community and profitting off it without even paying for the sponsor fee isn't very nice IMO.
Yes and no. If I bought something for $80 that is worth $120, then selling it for $120 is fine. As much as i wuv the "community" I am a poor struggling student, and if I can a few pennies without ripping anyone a new one, why not.

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