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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD
I thought Benz (and AMG) was starting to go with N/A engines for all their new line ups? Imagine a 612HP N/A 6.0L V12?

Nope, infact the new N/a 6.3 515 hp engine will have a very short life span, And will be replaced wither with 6.3 twin turbo engine, or some other FI engine.

The article also mentions some disappointing news for fans of the AMG-developed M156 engine (N/a 6.3). According to the story, due to high costs, the M156 is already approaching the end of its short lifespan. Instead, Mercedes will probably opt to use their newly introduced V8 paired with a supercharger.

Btw here's the new CLK63 with 483hp and 460ft of trq. coming in summer.


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