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my drive axle is no more!

:friday night after i finished up the wheel bearings n all that my big brother wanted to take the e30 for a spin around the block so i went outside with him to watch. as he went out the drive way everything was iight until i guess he started to go foward thats when i heard a huge CRUNCH followed by lil cruching noises.. so my bro decided to bring the car back in.. by the time he did it got so bad that no power was going to the wheels so me him and my dad had to push the car back in the drive i decided to jack up the car and check out wut happened and this is wut i found along with sum ball bearings on the floor and road:

im guessing the casing was staring to crack or give way and it couldnt take the force of the diff so it ripped itself off at the outer cv joint...gonna prolly order one tommroe
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