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Originally Posted by Justin e36
The "For Sale" section is not necessarily a "Bargain Basement Pricing" section. Some members may be looking to make their money back, or perhaps make a profit---there is nothing wrong with this. Everyone needs food on the table. It is up to the buyer to decide if the price is reasonable for them.
Making a profit is not what the concern is in most cases. Certain things are offered for sale in the Classifieds section of Max as well as many other places like Ebay, Craigslist etc. There are people who probably find it more comfortable buying things on Max just because they know that there is general input from other members who will let them know if something is being sold at ridiculously high prices (or that they are potentially getting ripped off) and vice versa. Sure the item could still be valuable to the purchaser at those high prices despite what others had to say and in this case and in this case, the item will sell.

If a person is completely bashing the sale, it shouldnt' be allowed, but if a person has a general comment that this is a little above normal retail prices or whatever the case may be, there shouldn't be any problems with that. It's just another sign of a helping community.

No one is charged to buy/sell items on here, but people shouldn't take advantage of that. If people don't like any comments then they should take their sale to places like Ebay. Also, the last thing you want someone doing is attaching the Maxbimmer name to something they had bought on here which was overvalued. Sure it doesn't need to happen all the time, but it can happen.
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