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Originally Posted by MGYVER
Originally Posted by Gamite
Why don't you just use E30 elipsoids like everyone else, and drop in a plug n play kit. Much easier, and it'll save you muchos dollars.

1. much better spread
2. no blinding oncoming traffic
3. very nice cutoff = not having to use rice 6k lamps ans at the same time getting nice blue flicker
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I would have to disagree somewhat with the above statements.
I have done the retrofit into stock ellipsoids, however it wasn't just a simple "plug and play". The secret is to take great care in measuring the focal point of the bulbs. The D2S bulbs are off about 3 millimetres in depth. If you use a dremel and measure VERY accurately you will get excellent results. It takes an extra hour but is well worth the effort.

ie. 1) I have excellent beam spread and distance- can see both shoulders well and very far in front.
2) I have never been 'flashed' for blinding an oncoming driver
3) Good cutoff and I use the 4300K bright white bulbs
There are kits that are made to fit in your stock housings, they have the correct measurements for the stock bulb, so you don't have to do any measurements yourself.

The cut off point he's refering to is the blue haze that comes off the stock HID housings due to the curvature of the elipsoid.

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