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HID Retrofit

Originally Posted by Gamite
Why don't you just use E30 elipsoids like everyone else, and drop in a plug n play kit. Much easier, and it'll save you muchos dollars.

1. much better spread
2. no blinding oncoming traffic
3. very nice cutoff = not having to use rice 6k lamps ans at the same time getting nice blue flicker
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I would have to disagree somewhat with the above statements.
I have done the retrofit into stock ellipsoids, however it wasn't just a simple "plug and play". The secret is to take great care in measuring the focal point of the bulbs. The D2S bulbs are off about 3 millimetres in depth. If you use a dremel and measure VERY accurately you will get excellent results. It takes an extra hour but is well worth the effort.

ie. 1) I have excellent beam spread and distance- can see both shoulders well and very far in front.
2) I have never been 'flashed' for blinding an oncoming driver
3) Good cutoff and I use the 4300K bright white bulbs
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