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Would somebody be willing to let me add them on MSN so I can bother them about stuff? Basically I'll be askign whether a certain set up is a good deal when I see it..

And how does this sound:

Alpine S-Type SWS-1241 Professionally Boxed

Size: 12"
Nominal Power Handling: 200 Watt
Peak Power Handling: 600 Watt
Frequency Response: 26 Hz - 2 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Impedance: 4 ohm (Dual Coil)

For 125. I'm sure I can get it for 100.

Also I'm wondering what's better, assuming same brand/quality/wattage........ 2 10"s or one 12" sub? It would seem the 10s would be better since it's just a bit smaller but there's 2 of them, but they why do prices for 2 10s seem to be similar to those of 1 12?

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