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Originally Posted by hermen maire
I'm interested in the fenders. Just curious, how much do they weigh? and will they bolt up quit easily. About the trunk lip i'll find out what it looks like, and then make a decision.

About the motor i'm not quit sure yet, its still in the car but probably not for long, it seems strong, but i know its running super rich. the mecanical fuel injection pump linkages need to be totally readjusted or somene who knows what their doing needs to tune it.

Thanks for the info.

Sorry for a late reply, I had a chat with teh fiberglass guy, he said 275 a fender in whatever thickness you like weither 1 layer thick for say racing or up to 3-4 layers of glass for strong rigid fenders. They are exact copies of the originals, they even have the buckets for the signals and the back bracket to mount to the A pillar. They were molded from BRAND NEW ORIGINAL fenders so they will definitly fit. A guy from around here bought a set, he commented that they fit better than the old ones, everything fit into place perfectly. So, ummm I would assume they weigh anything from around 3 to 7 pounds depending on what you specify for layers.

I was looking in an old car mag, our trunk lip looks almost exactly like the one on an Alpina A4S. search for a pic of one and you'll see.

I hope this helps ya man. Cheers

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